"A Superb Crime Novel!. Toni Jackson, the lead character in Pat McKanic's superb debut crime novel, Illusions of Paradise, would be right at home with Easy Rawlins and Alex Cross. Jackson is tough, sensual, and driven to succeed-- whether it's in her reporting job in the tropics, her intense love affar with police detective Jameyson Tolliver or her search for justice for a murdered woman. As the mystery deepens, Jackson navigates the difficult space between her love for Tolliver and her need to challenge the power structure that he is a part of, all the while using her formidable skills to stay alive. A first-time author, McKanic has created characters that are instantly familiar and feel like family. The dialogue snaps, the plot twists like a mountain road. You'll want more of Toni Jackson. No doubt, Easy and Alex might have a hard time keeping up with her, but they'd know for sure that they're in great company."

~ Dominic P. Bencivenga

"Great Read!. I loved this book ....it was a great mystery, a great love story, a great friend story. I would recommend to my friends and any book club that is looking for an interesting read."

~ A. Wesley

"A who dunnit that was not an easy or obvious solve. I read this book in one night as I couldn't put it down. The author's story unfolded with lively writing, characters who evolved who kept your interest, all with wit and humor. A who dunnit that was not an easy or obvious solve. The author's background as a journalist is apparent in the way the events are described with a keen eye and a sense of order. Duly impressed and look forward to this author's next novel!"

~ Christine Sensenig

"I loved this book. I loved this book. I did want to know who Marie Doe was...but maybe that's for a sequel? Steamy, engaging and entertaining book. I'd definitely read more material by this author."

~ Pamela Thurman


"THIS IS A MUST READ! This was an intriguing read from start to finish!!! The twist and turns threw me for a loop and I was not able to figure it out until it was revealed. Job well done Pat McKanic Job Well Done!!!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!"

~ eileenheathington

"A fun read. Hard to put down.Pat McKanic artfully weaves a tale of murderous suspense and hot romance in "Illusions Of Paradise." The characters are masterfully formed ... and not everyone is who they initially seem. A fun read. Hard to put down."

~ Janet Gibson

"This book is a must read! It's so intriguing . This book is a must read! It's so intriguing! The romance, murder, and mystery is captivating. I simply did not want it to end!"

~ Phyllis williams

"Very suspenseful. Never saw anything coming even when I thought I had it figured out."

~ Amazon Customer

"A love story, suspense. I read Illusions of Paradise over several busy days. I always have a book at the ready in case a few minutes become available for reading, but this one was harder than most to put down. The chapters left me with enough questions to spur me to read more. Some would not let me go because I particularly appreciated Ms. McKanic's realistic dialogue. It was as if I were listening to real people, especially reporter Toni Jackson and police detective Jameyson Tolliver. The book has it all: a murder, corruption, mystery, a love story, suspense, and if you think you know what is going to happen next, you're wrong. Ms. McKanic has designed her book with an easy-to-read typeface and spacing that make it a comfortable experience. I highly recommend Illusions of Paradise."

~ G. Goleyon

"Once I started, I couldn't put it down! Pat weaves this story with suspense, romance, and whodunit! Everything this reader wants in a tale. The dialog is accurate, the scenes picturesque, and the character development, right on. There are gut-wrenching, mind-boggling scenes that make your mind wonder. It makes you happy, mad, scared, and sad. Definitely no regrets. You will be so happy you chose this book. Jocelyn Donahoo, author of the Cookie Cutter House."

~ writethoughton

"Omgosh, Pat! I sent all my local grandkids off today so I could sit out in MY poolside paradise and finish reading your scary, wonderful thriller! You really have THE GIFT !! Do it again! I surely think this is probably the BEST, the Scariest and well written, sexy novel I've read in a longggg time! Thank you! Please let me know when you publish your next 'Illusion' !!! "

~ Jane K., Sarasota 


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