The island of San Saypaz’ is everything sexy, street-smart reporter Toni Jackson dreamed paradise would be—palm trees, white sand beaches, crystal blue waters and breathtaking sunsets. Finding love with Detective Jameyson Tolliver is icing on the cake. But when a young woman is brutally murdered, Toni learns paradise has a dark side. Jameyson’s boss, the police chief, may have had a hand in the murder. Evidence disappears, and the vicious crime lord charged with the murder walks. There’s a cover-up going on. Nothing is what it seems, people aren't who they appear to be.  Toni’s determination to uncover the truth comes at a steep price—her sources start turning up dead. Fearing for her life, she flees the island. But someone has plans for her, and paradise may well become a purgatory from which there is no escape!

"Still trying to find the words to describe how much I enjoyed your book! Great writing, great characters, your plot twists and turns kept me guessing to the very end! You are a very gifted woman!"

~ L. Anderson, Florida 


"A terrific first book by this author. An exciting, suspense filled thriller to the very last page. A wonderful, enjoyable read!"

~ Joy, Florida

"I was lost in the adventure. This story had me hooked on the first page. The characters are so real I followed them as if I were part of the story. Pat McKanic has a gift that most writers long for. I will be waiting for her next venture."

~ Emma Feix Alberts

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